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information networks short questions answers, ICS Part-I

Information Networks - Questions and Answers. This is the 1st post about 1st Year | ICS Part-I Computer Science Chapter No.2: (Information Networks) | Short Questions and Answers.

The following objective questions (short questions and answers) are important for the final examinations of all Boards of Pakistan:

Chapter No.2: Information Networks

Short Questions and Answers - 1

Q.1: Define computer networking?
A number of computers connected together to communicate with each other through a communication medium is called the computer network. The computer connected to a network can exchange information and data. It can also use the resources of other computers connected to the network.

Q.2: What are the benefits of networks?
The following are some benefits of computer networks:
  • Increase in productivity
  • Cost-saving
  • Less disk storage
  • Easy maintenance

Q.3: What is the purpose of networks?
The computers are connected to form a network for one or more of the following reason:
  • Sharing peripheral devices
  • Sharing of programs and data
  • Communications
  • Remote access
  • Information security

Q.4: Define workgroup computing?
A group of persons working together on a task and sharing information through a computer network is called a workgroup. The exchange and sharing of information and data by various members of the workgroup over the computer network is called workgroup computing. It is also known as collaborative computing.

Q.5: What is groupware?
The software that provides facilities for workgroup computing is called groupware. This software is used on the computer network. They serve a group of users working together on a project.

Q.6: Write some functions of groupware?
Groupware provides the following functions:
  • E-mail
  • Scheduling and contact management
  • Document management and sharing
  • Teleconferencing

Q.7: Define E-mail and also write its two benefits?
E-mail (Electronic mail) is the process of sending messages directly from one computer to another. An E-mail has many benefits; few of them are as under:
  • Cost-effective
  • Distance does not matter
  • The recipient is not interrupted

Q.8: What is the internet?
The internet (International Network) is a network of a large number of computer networks around the world. It is a data communication system. Through this system, millions of computers have been linked together. It is a wonderful and amazing arena where we can find information about anything of the world.

Q.9: What is ARPANET?
During the late 1960s, it was designed as ARPANET (Advanced Research Project Agency NETwork) by the US Department of Defense – DARPA, in collaboration with other universities and research organizations. It allows scientists at different locations to share information to collaborate on military and scientific projects.

Q.10: What is NSFNET?
In 1989, all previous networks were replaced by National Science Foundation’s Network (NSFNET). This was an important decision. Now the network could be used for civilian purpose also, and the use and application of the internet grew rapidly.

Q.11: What is packet switching?
The network operated with a technique called packet switching in which digital data was sent in small packages called packets. The packets contained data, address information, error-control information and sequencing information.

Q.12: Define servers?
Servers allow users to connect to the internet. Servers also help the users to store and share information on the internet.

Q.13: What is a host computer?
A computer that stores information in the form of text, pictures, sound, and video and to which the terminal or PC is attached is called the host computer. If a PC is being used as a terminal, file transfer the software permits users to download data files from the host or upload data files to the host.

Q.14: Differentiate between download and upload?
To download a file means to retrieve it from another computer and to send it to the computer of the user who requested the file. To upload a file, a user sends a file to another computer.

Q.15: Write some components (services) of the Internet?
The most commonly used Internet components/services include E-mail, Telnet, Newsgroup, Mailing List, Chat Rooms, Gopher, and World Wide Web (WWW) etc. 

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