Applications and Uses of Computers MCQs Quiz

Applications and Uses of Computers MCQs Quiz. This is the first post for ICS Part-I | 1st Year Computer Science Chapter No.4, named as Applications and Uses of Computers. The given Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) in this post are important on computer applications for the final exams and also for university entry test | ECAT.

We tried our best to select the most important MCQs | Quiz from this chapter.  This post covers the topics i.e., computer applications in different fields such as business, industry, computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), and medical fields.


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➤ Applications and Uses of Computer - MCQs Set-2
➤ Data Communication - MCQs 
➤ Data Communication - Short Questions
➤ Information Networks - Short Questions
➤ Information Networks - MCQs

Applications and Uses of Computers
MCQs | Online Quiz-1


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